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Sports and Podiatry

Sports and Your Feet

High-impact sports, such as basketball, soccer, running, football, cricket and indeed any sport involving use of your feet, can all lead to injuries requiring specialist treatment.

It is easy to injure your feet while playing sport as the forces between your feet and the ground are amplified during high-impact activity.

Sports Injuries

Overuse syndromes are common occurrences in sport and refer to injuries sustained from repeated action (such as long-distance jogging), as opposed to acute injuries, which occur in an instant (such as a sprained ankle).

Your individual biomechanics will have an effect on the likelihood of certain injuries_ Prevalent sports injuries include shin splints, Runner's knee, Achilles tendonitis and stress fractures.

Sports people may also complain of thickened nails that can sometimes become ingrown or get bruises under the nail from repetitive trauma.

Treatment for Sports Podiatry Injuries

Treatment for sports podiatric injuries involves a biomechanical assessment to look at your posture, strength, flexibility and movement, and analysis of how the movement of your feet affects your lower limbs.

Evaluation of sports shoes, stretches, strengthening exercises, application of various physical therapies and the fitting of orthotics are ways in which your podiatrist may choose to address your injury.


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