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4 Tips To Help You Select The Best Shoes For Your Child

Shoes should, above all, protect your children’s feet.

Frequent changes in the size of shoes and socks are necessary to make room for rapidly growing feet during childhood.

Do a size check at least every one to three month up to the age of three, every four months up to five years and every six months from five years.

Fitting Shoes

1. Always have both feet measured for length and width.

2. The shoe should fit the natural shape of the foot, especially around the toes (rounded toe box).

3. The toe of the should allow toes to move freely and not be squashed from the top or the sides. Make sure there is a bout 10mm growing room for children between the end of the longest and the end of the shoe.

4. Should fit comfortably around the heel and not be too loose or too tight.

The front (toe box) should not be rigid and allow a comfortable flex when toeing off.

You should speak with one of our podiatrist if:

  • You notice uneven shoe wear

  • You notice any skin rashes, hard skin lumps or bumps on your child's feet

  • Your child complains of recurrent pain in the and/or legs

  • Your child is constantly tripping or falling

Or you have any other concerns about your child's feet.


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